Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rainbow Night

Reds flashing
Fiery bright
Yellows illuminating
Lighting the night
Blues soft as feathers
Crystalline in hue
Amid greens dancing wildly
Flickering one, two.

Purples as brilliant
As dusk feeding night
Pinks crimson gold
Lift off, taking flight

A gentle twist here
And a turnabout there
The magic lingers on
A hushed brilliance in the air.

Colors dance
Swirling in song
A rhythm so pure
 So humble , so strong.
So wrong in its erratic
Spell-binding tune
So right in its purity
A divinity, a muse.

A rich eloquence
As cannot be repeated
I find colors thereafter
Somewhat shy and depleted.

To what do I owe
This pleasurable sight?
These colors so rich
So pure in the night
The cuts of the stone
So smooth and so right
A perfect catapult
To shape, to cast light

The rhythm will slow
The beat start to fade
But the colors
The colors!
The colors will stay
They’ll slow to a waltz
A soft dance they’ll do
Flicking and fleeting
A mild pulse ‘round the room

All will be silent

All will be still

A hibernation of whimsy

Of fancy, of thrill.

Rest now young colors

So sprightly 

So bright

Tomorrow’s a new day

To inspire, to make light.

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